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Default Re: Can't get 2560x1440 on GT520

Actually, yes, I have now figured out one workaround. If I run my main screen at 50Hz instead of 60Hz the dot clock is under 220MHz, which seems to be the limit my card can manage in its low power state.

Into my monitor section I added:

Option "ExactModeTimingsDVI" "True"
Modeline "2560x1440_low" 201.416 2560 2608 2640 2720 1440 1443 1448 1481 +hsync -vsync

And the Display sub-section in Screen is:

SubSection "Display"
Modes "2560x1440_low"
Depth 24

It's not an ideal solution but it'll do the job for me until there's a driver that fixes this problem. Most video I watch tends to be at 25FPS anyway and I mainly use my screen for work so the 50Hz rate isn't an issue.
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