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Default Re: GF100 VDPAU performance is really not good

Originally Posted by TheSwissKnife View Post
Well if that is the way these guys work good for them. I happen to be asking questions where not all the information is relevant (or important) or just adding to others observations with similar setup. If every comment needs war and peace from every single user then it will only make threads more difficult to read. If something in particular was required to help then someone could ask - does not take more than a few seconds. Anyway why use me and my poor issue logging as an example when this thread is a shining example of Nvidia's lack of interest in Linux (though the Windows support is almost the same).
There are stickies in this forum that explain what info you need to provide in order to get assistance. One of the stickies specifically in regards to vdpau issues. Instead of writing this post, which I must admit I have difficulties fully comprehending, you should go and provide that info.

But even if you posts the info the stickies request, you might not get a response. Because what I see in this thread is posts again and again by the same small group of people. Which means this is a very localized phenomenon. Which means that if there's any chance nvidia could reproduce it, they'd need very exact specs of all the hardware in your machine (and possibly software), then go out and fetch the very same hardware. Something I don't see is likely to happen unless you have a support contract.
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