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Default Re: GF100 VDPAU performance is really not good

Originally Posted by TheSwissKnife View Post
Well if that is the way these guys work good for them. I happen to be asking questions where not all the information is relevant (or important) or just adding to others observations with similar setup.
With out proper data it is impossible to tell if your issue is the same or not. I can't tell you the amount of times someone has tagged onto another bug report because they thought they had similar issues but the root cause turned out to be something entirely different.

If every comment needs war and peace from every single user then it will only make threads more difficult to read. If something in particular was required to help then someone could ask - does not take more than a few seconds.
It doesn't take more then a few seconds to read the stickied guides either. They have already told you in those what is needed to properly diagnose an issue. If you can't follow that then it is not surprising that you talking to deaf ears. Posting proper information does not make a thread harder to read, if anything it makes it much simpler as all the pertinent information that is needed is available.

Anyway why use me and my poor issue logging as an example when this thread is a shining example of Nvidia's lack of interest in Linux (though the Windows support is almost the same).
Because the issue isn't if they are interested in linux or not, but if they bother wasting time responding to reports of issues for which the person has provided no data that they require. Every single bug report that I have filed in nearly a decade has been answered either though their email support or these forums. Why? Probably because I provide a complete bug report and not just a "blah blah blah no workie" post/email.
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