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Default Re: 280.04 solved fan speed problem on Ubuntu 10.10


$ nvclock -i
-- General info --
Card: nVidia QuadroFX 570M
Architecture: G84 A2
PCI id: 0x40c
GPU clock: 182.248 MHz
Bustype: PCI-Express

-- Shader info --
Clock: 594.000 MHz
Stream units: 32 (11b)
ROP units: 8 (11b)
-- Memory info --
Amount: 256 MB
Type: 128 bit DDR3
Clock: 601.712 MHz

-- PCI-Express info --
Current Rate: 16X
Maximum rate: 16X

-- Smartdimmer info --
Backlight level: 100%

-- Sensor info --
Sensor: GPU Internal Sensor
GPU temperature: 61C

-- VideoBios information --
Signon message: HP VB10 Mobile NB8P-GLM VGA BIOS
Performance level 0: gpu 275MHz/shader 550MHz/memory 301MHz/1.15V/100%
Performance level 1: gpu 475MHz/shader 950MHz/memory 702MHz/1.20V/100%
VID mask: 3
Voltage level 0: 1.15V, VID: 3
Voltage level 1: 1.20V, VID: 3

As you can see now the temp is 61 but the problem is fan speed is 100% doesn't matter what is performance level.

nvidia-settings shows different performance levels

Performance level 0: gpu 169MHz/shader 338MHz/memory 100MHz/?V/?%
Performance level 1: gpu 275MHz/shader 550MHz/memory 301MHz/1.15V/100%
Performance level 2: gpu 475MHz/shader 950MHz/memory 702MHz/1.20V/100%

$ nvclock -F 70
Error: adjustment of the fanspeed isn't supported on your type of video card!

Looks like I will have to live with it
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