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Default Some upgrading decisions...

So papa saget needs a machine for writing code in Visual Basic, Delphi, using VM, and of course all the regular PC uses. He would like a quad core CPU, and I think lots of RAM as well as *possibly* an SSD would be ideal. A GPU is not needed, so some really lower end card will suffice.

Now as I see it, I pretty much got two options, either I could build a new computer for him from scratch (please recommend parts though, including monitor [no less than 23inch]), and if it falls in the ~700 or lower dollar range, that would be tremendous: Midtower case, some RAM, PSU in the 500 watt range. Not sure which chipset to go for on this one though...

Or, my second option would be to pass on my own computer, minus GPU, case, and PSU, and build a 2600k based computer with a new CPU, RAM, MB.


Thanks as always.
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