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Default Re: where to download opensuse source rpm for nvidia packages?

Originally Posted by RickW80 View Post
Hi all,

I need a newer version of the nvidia drivers for opensuse 11.4. has version 270.41.06 available, but I found that I need the 270.41.19 version for CUDA 4.0 to run (yes I know CUDA 4.0 does not officially support 11.4, but the same 270.41.06 is available for 11.2 which CUDA 4.0 does support).

Where can I download the files x11-video-nvidiaG02-270.41.06-5.1.nosrc.rpm and nvidia-gfxG02-270.41.06-4.1.nosrc.rpm that these binaries were created from? Once I have the source rpms, I can easily update them to the newer version.

You can find all the build files on the openSUSE build service that you need.
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