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Default Switching between integrated and external monitors on laptop

I'm using FreeBSD 8-STABLE on my Asus K40IN notebook (videocard is NVidia GeForce 102M) with driver from ports tree (270.41.19).
This laptop have hotkey combination (Fn+F8) for switching video output between integrated and external monitor.
The problem is that switching doesn't work when X11 is working. Here's symptoms:

1. When i start X11 with nvidia driver and then hit Fn+F8, integrated screen goes off, but external screen shows me console. If i try to type something, it doesn't work, there's even no cursor. Still, system itself seem to be working.
Hitting Fn+F8 again just causes both monitors to blink and then again integrated monitor goes off and external one shows me unresponsible console.
Only thing i can do in this situation - hit power off button on my laptop panel. After hitting, FreeBSD stays silent for 10-15 seconds, then external monitor goes off and internal one show me standard messages before shutting down.

2. When i hit Fn+F8 without X11 running, everything works flawlessly. I can switch between monitors and consoles are working.

3. When i run X11 with vesa driver and then hit Fn+F8, it works too.

4. If i start X11 with nvidia driver, then hit Ctrl+Alt+F1 (switch back to console) and then hit Fn+F8, it somewhat works - console is shown on external monitor, but when i return to X11, it's shown on integrated one. If i go back to console, external monitor gets automatically activated again.

Hope this information will be helpful.
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