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Default Re: [BUG REPORT] `nvidia-smi -a` doesn't work on certain GPUs

At least they support open source drivers and give out specs (which Jen-Hsun Huang keeps to himself as if opening them meant the end of his business).
Which would likely boost sales provided the open source community can provide quality drivers, and constantly update them to support new cards.

Wouldnt it be nice if the company even provided details of the new hardware to open source driver developers so there would be linux support at the hardware's launch.

Yeah im an idealist.

At least the end consumer result of this is satisfaction. Then we wouldn't have imposed limits on hardware.

Maybe people should live in cardboard boxes and eat dirt for food?

Or maybe you can at least tell us which employees you think should be laid off due to a "let's not focus on making money" strategy?
All im saying is profits aren't everything, although most people think they are. Money hungry corporations are destroying the world in the name of profits. Google "Republic of Congo". And read up on how many slaves mine the minerals we use for this technology so american-backed dictators can increase their profits to buy guns to get more slaves for more profits. I'll take the cardboard box and dirt sandwiches over being anyone else's slave.

Thats my piece, I'm done.

C'mon Nvidia, give us back our GPU usage meter.
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