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Default Re: BaseMosaic OpenGL sharing

Originally Posted by bwheaton View Post
So BaseMosaic will share OpenGL assets in the same way as SLI-mosaic?
Unfortunately the documentation on this topic is slim. I speculate that
with BaseMosaic, the GPUs use PCIe instead of the SLI bridge in
order to sync the rendering.

Originally Posted by bwheaton View Post
In that case, does this lift the OpenGL shared context rules for Direct rendering contexts? Or subverts it by making one X screen across all GPUs/displays?
My understanding is that SLI Mosaic (and so BaseMosaic) is splitting the
rendering work on driver lever, so from the user perspective you will
just see one context. Especially it should be possible to use
desktop effects across more then two LCDs.

Originally Posted by bwheaton View Post
Is BaseMosaic a Quadro only feature on Linux?
It seems to be available for Solaris, too.

Anyway, it would be nice if somebody from nvidia could clarify
what BaseMosaic is actually doing and what are the limits.
Also, it would be nice to know if it works for NVS 290 and 450.


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