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Default Re: Only 60hz? Uhm! Please help!

Originally Posted by thailemon View Post

Running ubuntu 10.10, SMP 2.6.38 with nvidia 275.09.07..

nvidia-settings wont let me have anything else but 60hz (unless i use full hd, 1920x1080, i get 120hz). in the resolution options i can select 800x600@85hz... but it only gives me 60hz? is this locked some way?

i have an alienware m17x r3 laptop with geforce gtx 460m (192bit interface, 1.5gb ddr3)

running quake in 60hz, is impossible for me. i need my 800x600@100hz+

please someone help me out. ive tried about everything. with xrandr/gtf, xorg.conf editing..etc...

Added some pictures here, so u guys get the point..

thank you!
Please provide detail reproduction steps and nvidia bug report by running as root .
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