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Exclamation Graphic Glitches in the the new driver 275.09.07

NVIDIA Driver Version: 275.09.07

Operating System: Fedora (14) - Linux-x86_64
Desktop Environment: GNOME
Graphics Card: GEFORCE GTX 260M (1GB)

After I updated from (270.41.19) to (275.09.07) I started getting some erroneous pixels around Tool-tips, Drop Down Boxes, when I right click, when I switch work spaces, etc...:

Here are some screenshots:

When Right Clicing on the desktop: (Notice the white pixels around the context menu)

The other controls face similar problems so one screenshot will do. What should I do? Revert back to the old driver or wait for NVIDIA to fix these issues? Or is there a workaround to fix this problems?
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