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Default Re: Official Flight Simulator X Feedback Thread

Freeware Mig-21!!! And it's really good. The flight model is very fun, and quite challenging, which sets it apart from other fighter planes for FSX. It's super fun to fly and looks great.

The package does not have sound, but you can copy the sound from the authors previous Mig-21 package available here. These sounds are really good as well, sounds loud and powerful.

The manual is not in english, but shift-2 opens the control panel and there is a quick start button there, otherwise you can find manual startup proceedures on youtube. Make sure you trim up for takeoff if you want to get off the ground in a reasonable distance. I went through the trees at the end of the runway on my first attempt. lol

There are some repaints on, and also an update by a different author that includes a 2D panel in english, and a dumbed down and inaccurate flight model that feels more like a modified default F/A-18 than a Mig-21. I am using the panel from that but not the flight model.

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