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Default Re: Blu-ray player software

WinDVD (not sure the latest version) is also good I heard. They handle the PAP and encryption entirely different from all the other players. I have been told it is a wonder why the studios do not force them out of business, since they do not follow the rules. Anyway, WinDVD will usually play movies when other players will not, because of how it works. I think their interface reeks, so I do not use them.

I also have a lifetime subscription to Slysoft's AnyDVD HD. I rip my BluRays to ISO and store them on my hard drive. I remove the encryption / protection when I rip them. I then use the free CloneDVD (also by Slysoft) to launch the ISO as it was a real disc...Windows does not know the difference, so it launches TMT5 to play the ISO.

Makes it easier than grabbing the physical disc. I use MediaBrowser as my movie organizer. So far, I have 11 TB of hard drive space, not counting the 2 TB drive I use as my C drive (and where WMC records my live TV).
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