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Originally Posted by Riptide View Post
I like the ipad1 and ipad2 a lot. I just can't justify spending six bills on something like that. I wouldn't get anywhere near enough use out of it to justify that type of expenditure. Now if they were 200-300 bucks I might reconsider.
That was one of two main things for me. IMO, Android seems like it should be the cheaper option, but if it's the same price as an iPad, the iPad is a better option. Again just my opinion. I spent $380 on my refurbished iPad 1 and it's perfect. I've been reading a book or two, playing some really awesome games, surfing the web and taking notes. Battery life has been awesome, I usually get about 2 full days before hitting 20% and that's with HEAVY use.

The other main thing for me was apps. The games on iOS are a billion times better than Android. Also the apps on iOS just seem like they flow/work better, like the devs put more time into them. But again, that's my opinion.
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