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Default Re: Office 2010 Professional Academic $79.95

Originally Posted by Hogrider View Post
Hmm I didn't know about that. I just saw it in the licenseing. I wouldn't mind putting it on this desktop computer but it is already on my wife's HP all in one touch screen desktop computer. I wonder how they know if it is on a portable device or not.
Honestly they don't. You could just put it on any two computers and they wouldn't know the difference. In fact with the way their activation works, you could get away with putting it on several computers at once, with one exception:

When you use the cloud service, only two computers with one license can be logged on at once. I use it all the time to sync OneNote between my desktop and laptop without having to transfer files.

Beyond that, the license just says what you're supposed to do, but there's nothing they can do to enforce it.

Also you aren't supposed to say put one copy on your PC, and then another copy on your wife's portable. It's supposed to be that both computers belong to you and just you. But again, they have no way of enforcing it.
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