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Their technology is good...It should be, they bought up everyone in order to obtain it.

I believe it simply is a driver issue. Poor traffic management, bus noise etc. Even when the Live card was released driver support was pretty dismal at best and over time they eventually smoothed it out.

It's the same thing with the Audigy except I don't think they have really done too much focusing on it rather they are focusing on Audigy 2 and a bunch or more advertising to spam my magazines with new propaganda.

I'm more than 100% certain their software developers and driver writers are the most incompetent bunch of people I know. Then you got homo sexuals like Harvey Fong in the newsgroups who will ban you from the newsgroups as soon as he can't answer something.

You talk to their voice support and the retards on the phone have about the skills of a 2 year old on a computer and actually, I'm insulting a 2 year old. I think they know more.

I am devoted now to a complete hatred and negative review to anyone contimplating a Creative card. I hope that more people do the same.

I'd personally be happy to see stores have an equal amount of competitor cards and Creative cards. But a few local stores have told me Creative makes deals to have their products in their showcases, either throwing in free cards or giving them big huge advertisements that look good in their stores.
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