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Default Re: nVidia's 28nm Kepler expected to hit stores in late 2011?

Originally Posted by TheTaz View Post

Given that i'm water cooling my current GTX580 cards, it might be even longer still for me since i need to wait until water blocks are available for those cards anyhow....Same with whatever AMD releases at 28nm, wich looks to be released by Q4/2011, so a couple of months sooner for some limited availability....

Mind you, we still have to see the performance increases, price and power consumption, especially the latter in my case as the single 1500 watt PSU is handling things fine, but with 3 GTX580's at 950 Mhz and a pair of 6 core Xeons running at 4 Ghz, it can and does chug down some serious power at 100% loads, and there's no power supply rated higher on the market, and no room in the case to install a second PSU anyhow...

I'd basically need a new case if i wanted to install a 4th GTX580, and have room for a second power supply to power up that 4th GPU, as all 4 cards, when clocked at 950Mhz, probably have no problem chugging down 300 watts each( 1200 watts just for the 4 cards).
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