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Default Re: Official "I just got a Geforce GTX 4xx/5xx thread"

Originally Posted by ArrowMk84 View Post
What are you using for load on the CPU? Even though it's only at 83c, you're way outside the CPU's spec, and that extra juice will significantly decrease the CPU's lifespan. With that much voltage, I wouldn't be surprised if your CPU only lasted a few months.

@newparad1gm: CPU-Z works fine on my P67.
During the Vantage test that was the highest it recorded. Yep I know about the sb degradation. But having gone through 3 sandy bridge CPU's and this is my 3rd, I'm not too worried about cpu degradation. What I'm worried about is buying my next 2600K and it wouldn't go past 4.8ghz

Believe me I would been happy if I could make this stable @ 1.4 5200mhz but it's just a cpu that needs more juice than others. My long sold 2500K managed 5300mhz @1.512v benchmark stable.

Gigabyte boards have been known to get faulty CPUZ readings, other boards don't have those problems...
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