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Default Re: Age of Conan Feedback thread

Funnt thing ive noticed ... The ganking seems no where near as bad in the new Rage server as it was/is in Fury. I think people are afraid to loose gear lol, If you loose a PvP fight you dropp some random kit from your bag, Something thats not character bound anyway.

I mean im not saying you dont get ganked becasue you do ... Its part of the game but its not as bad as i though it was gonna be.

Its usually only if these more than one and they know they can win they randomly attack you.

Now i played the game from release and have always rolled PvP servers so ive had alittle practice ... I can usually hold my own in a one on one battale of somebody of a close lvl.

I aint done than much PvPing though in this new server yet ... Only defending myself, I think im like 20 deaths and 15 kills, A couple of those deaths i was ganked or attacked while talking to a NPC.

Ive only just hit lvl 27 with my Barb.
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