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Default Re: Rumor: Windows 8 to play Xbox 360 games?

Originally Posted by |MaguS| View Post
Not really possible due to how tough emulation would be on the X86 platform.
I think it's pretty safe to say you can file this one in the "Not so fast" department. The XBox 360 is basically just a self contained, compact PC. I fairly sure it even uses Windows of some sort with Media Player and IE customized to be a user interface for it. Heck, the XBox360 games are even DX9 based. XBox360 controllers already run fine within Windows despite what the arcticle says about mouse and keyboard.

MS has the "emulation" thing down good. It started with the .NetFramework. Programs compiled to an intermidate language, MSIL (what it used to called, it has a new name now that I forget...) which can run on virtually any hardware as long as the .NetFramework exists. Basically, MS has evolved Windows along with the software to the point where the software simply runs on top of Windows without regard to hardware: Windows truly acts as an abraction layer where it takes care of everything. This even extends into 64-bit Windows. How do those pesky 32-bit programs run inside a 64-bit environment? Answer: simply provide emulation by using WOW (Windows on Windows) where the 32-bit programs run in.

Ultimately, it depends on how much XBox360 games look at the "metal" of the console which will decide how difficult it will be to make this happen. However, I really don't think having an Xbox360 game run inside Windows would be a huge deal.

I can't help but think the smart homers at MS came up with this to increase their revenue. Recall console manufacturers, including MS, actually sell their consoles at a loss to help keep prices down. Their revenue stream comes from royalties obtained by selling games; for each game sold the manufacturer gets X amount of money from the sell of each game vs. PC game sales where MS gets none of the money from the sale of a given game. I have no idea how many PC gamers there are. However, let's just say MS does this and the potential XBox360 game buyer pool doubles. Out of the extra potential buyers, let's just say 5% of those start to buy XBox360 games on a regular basis while an additional 10% casually buys Xbox games over PC games. MS will receive royalties from each of those extra game sales. Folks, that's a potentialy huge amount of extra revenue for MS I'm sure they are very keenly aware of.

This does scare me a bit though. One thing about PCs is over time they always pull away from consoles from a technology perspective as the PC platform is always evolving vs. a fixed setup of a console. I worry game manufacturers will think they can just make XBox games and forget about PC stuff since users can just run XBox games anyway. Eventually, some developers will disregard the PC capabilities and we'll all be playing games designed for, and governed by, the lowest common denominator: the Xbox. Still,there are ways to deal with this as well...
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