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Default Re: GeForce 8200: compositing + font antialiasing = very slow gtk

Originally Posted by VladimirDidenko View Post
Do you use freetype with patch enabling subpixel rendering? AFAIK default debian freetype package doesn't include this patch. Alt Linux and Ubuntu enable subpixel rendering by default.
I use the subpixel-enabled libcairo2 from Hadrets PPA. The characters look exactly like in Ubuntu.

BTW i had an issue like this, but was related to a specific cairo version if i remember correctly (not that sure thugh, but it was certainly a small library) - then i had ~12 seconds with Cleanlooks without compiz (i had no compiz installed then).

I just re-checked with the 275.09.07 drivers - 3.38 without compiz and 3.47 with compiz.
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