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Default Dell with Quadro 4000, 3D vision Pro on CentOS How to make it all work?

I just bought a new Dell T7500 computer with a Nvidia Quadro 4000 card and the 3D pro emitter kit and a ViewSonic PJD6241 3D projector. I bought all these items because they were all supported hardware on the NVIDIA website. First, how to I get the 3D emitter pro to connect Via USB to our Linux machine, it doesn't seem to be connected as the Emitter just flashes colors on the front and doesn't go a solid green? Do I need special drivers for Linux, since the Nvidia drivers page doesn't have 3D specific drivers for Linux, only windows? Also, my Quadro 4000 card doesn't have the (9pin) din connector for the special cable it came with, but I was told by Nvidia support chat that the Quadro 4000 has it built in so its not necessary, I am confused? Third, how to I enable 3D settings under CentOS (5.6) in the Nvidia-settings panel? I would like to have this setup for a meeting room, and I was hoping it was going to be a lot less painful, please help guide me in the right direction, thank you.
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