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Default Re: MS 360 about halfway through its lifecycle

Originally Posted by |MaguS| View Post
and still getting ports from consoles thanks to continuing weak sales on the PC Platform.

Sony has stated that the PS3 had a 10 year lifespan, that does not mean they wont release another console within those 10 years. The PS3 launched 6 years into the PS2s lifespan, who's to say that Sony wont announce another console next year at the 6 year mark for the PS3.

PCs will always play second fiddle to consoles until the always connected or free model takes over. The PC industry is heading towards the Free to Play Micro-transaction system.

Sadly you are correct. Crysis 2 which should have been most prominent on the pc has been totally demolished by the XB360 and even PS3. Sad that now with the inclusion of DX11 and the high resolution pack which make the game look SWEET!!!! , the pc still lags way behind. I hope you are wrong that not all the major players will abandon the pc market, because the guts of all consoles usually starts from the pc. Oh well, I am envisioning the day where the consoles will have upgradeable GPU's; jk lol. Take care guys. Sad state we have in pc gaming.


PS...Zelda please don't come on board and say I told you so
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