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Default Re: Need some comments on this deal

Well I just witnessed first hand for the first time ever, that memtest doesn't detect all memory errors. Ran the latest version with 20 passes on that memory, and no errors. Yet prime95 was reporting errors. When prime95 reports errors, it could be anything: cpu, motherboard, memory. I replaced the CPU, replaced the motherboard, and none of those got rid of the problem, but I didn't replace the memory initially because memtest was reporting no problems. So finally I replaced the memory, and everything now seems golden.

But some good came out of all of this mess. I traded my p67a-c43 for a p67a-g45 open box for $50, and I returned the memory and re-purchased the exact same memory only with a different color heat spreader (the original one I got was sold out, so I couldn't do a direct exchange) for $55. That alone shaved off around $50 from my total costs.

And best of all, I have finally had a successful 24 hour burn in.
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