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Originally Posted by ViN86 View Post
Honestly, I haven't owned a handheld console since the Sega Game Gear. I was wondering if anyone here has one and what they think of it. I am interested in Ocarina of Time 3D and some of the other games look quite good as well. How is the 3D effect? What about the other features?

Is Sony's NGP a better option?
We've had some hands on time with both at a game conference recently and I honestly say Vita is better if you like playing games, then iOS, then 3DS. Honestly though it's not a very good system when you compare the games for all, not saying much when the Vita isn't even out. There is a genuine buzz for the Vita amongst those who played it. My only concern is battery life having only played with tethered devices.

The 3DS 3D effect, 90% of people we chatted with turned if off, it's too eye straining, plus it relies on keeping the device still and at the right angle, yet the more visual impressive games also have motion controls, forcing you to move the device and the 3d effect.

Myself. I'm finding iOS is the best platform for mobile on the go gaming when downtime wasn't expected, waiting in line, on the train. Anything else when I'm preparing, like a holiday. I go with my lappy.
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