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Default Re: 96.43.19 and XOrg 1.10.1

First of all, thanks AaronP for working on this. I have several computers, and on my desktop (Geforce 4 Ti 4200 AGP 8X) due to a recent upgrade of the OS that bundled XOrg 1.10, I'm now unable to use the 96xx drivers anymore.

To the ones trying to put the blame on either Nvidia for not updating, or the distro for not bringing a means of downgrading the XOrg version, I'd rather say that it's XOrg's fault for breaking backwards compatibility in the first place, no? I mean, 1.10 is a minor version upgrade from 1.9. Backwards compatibility between minor versions of a same product is *very* important, all the more so than it is an open source project which is widely used and as such, interface changes can be very impacting. Regardless, all that matters is that now, the nvidia driver can't be used anymore for the 96xx series with XOrg1.10, and it's sad/bad/frustrating.

To the ones threatening not to buy Nvidia anymore: threats won't lead you anywhere. When the resources are limited, the product range ginormous (if you take all NVIDIA drivers and OSes, do you realize how many chips/OS combinations that makes?). Now, I don't know how many devs and maintainers are working at NVIDIA, but on the list of priorities, "legacy" products support will always be of a lesser priority than support of the most recent and most popular products. If you want to change that fact, apply for a job as a Linux Nvidia driver developer, I think there are job openings

To the ones saying that the threat not to buy is an empty threat if you still own/use such an old card: Just because you still own/use old hardware doesn't mean it's the only hardware of the same brand that you own. I mean, maybe you also have a laptop that you need to replace, or a netbook, or a phone. The nvidia GPU was an important criterion in the choice of my laptop, for example.

In the end, I think we should still put the blame on Nvidia. After more than 8 years of continuous use, my NVIDIA card is still not broken, and I still haven't been forced to change both my MoBo (AGP, remember?), CPU and RAM because of it
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