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Default Re: 96.43.19 and XOrg 1.10.1

Originally Posted by fiftywan View Post
I'm now unable to use the 96xx drivers anymore.
But you *are*! That's what I'm trying to say the whole time! Why isn't there a PPA with xorg-1.9 available yet? Or something similar to PPAs, if you're not using Ubuntu?
This is open source, you're not forced to use what the vendor serves you. You have an entire open system at your disposal, but you're getting hung up on the one closed part you wish to use.

Originally Posted by fiftywan View Post
I mean, 1.10 is a minor version upgrade from 1.9
No it's not. A minor upgrade would be 1.9.1. 1.10 is a full new version and those have broken ABI a few times in the past, it's nothing new.
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