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Default Re: 96.43.19 and XOrg 1.10.1

@Gusar: No, not really. The distro is mageia, and RPM downgrading to xorg-1.9 would be very complicated to the very least (since Mageia 1 *shipped* with xorg 1.10 only). Formatting the box to use another distro which still makes 1.9 available is also not an option, because I don't have the time to do a long backup + format + restore of all the services I use and deploy on that desktop for my home network. Sure, this is open source. Heck, I could probably recompile Xorg myself, couldn't I? It's open source after all. But then, most of the other packages that rely on X, from that distro, are likely to be "forced removed" because the dependency to xorg v1.10 is not satisfied anymore. So I'll have to compile them all again as well. I don't have enough spare time to do this.
So for now, the only possible option for me is to fallback to the nv or nouveau driver, and wait.

PS: for the "1.10 is actually a major version", my bad. I'm used to the "part before the dot" being the major version number, and whatever comes after the dot, the minor version. (examples with Oracle, Weblogic, and others go this route) All things considered, not everybody applies the same pattern, you're right (examples with Xorg, obviously, or java (though this is debatable))
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