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Default Re: 96.43.19 and XOrg 1.10.1

Originally Posted by fiftywan View Post
@Gusar: No, not really. The distro is mageia, and RPM downgrading to xorg-1.9 would be very complicated to the very least
I'm sure it's possible. There can't be many packages that depend explicitly on 1.10, pretty much only input drivers (and video drivers, but we're not interested in them, we only want the nvidia blob). So you'd only need to recompile/downgrade those. If other packages have an explicit dependency on 1.10 and not simply on xorg, then the distro or the package manager are broken. But I don't believe that's the case. Apps shouldn't have a dependency on the server anyway, only on the client libs.

Originally Posted by fiftywan View Post
So for now, the only possible option for me is to fallback to the nv or nouveau driver, and wait.
Or create your own xorg-1.9 packages for the server and input drivers (and them share them with the Mageia community). I'll give you one thing though, RPM spec files are uuuugly (I recently had a look at one... ugh!), so I'd understand if you don't want to mess with them. I'll take the simplicity of Arch PKGBUILDs any day.
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