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Question Syntax Error in rc.modules

Hi All:

I had encountered a few problems installing the RPM files on Mandrake 8.2, and after watching my X-Server crash repeatedly, and kick me into runlevel 3, , I downloaded and un-tarred the tar-balls for both kernel and GLX. After following the instructions, the drivers and GLX installed onto the system with nary a hitch! Now, when I boot my machine, the only error I see is during the initial boot splash screen, and it reports a syntax error in my rc.modules file, which is an 'unexpected end-of-file', and the machine carries on with boot. I have tried editing the file with Kate, and replacing it after the edit process, but I still get the same error. Should I perhaps simply start off with a blank file and type in the rc.modules script file, then save over top of the existing file? I have had no luck when I edit the file as SU, and try saving it over top of the file. I should mention at this point that even though I am an old DOS bigot, and command line interfaces are not new to me, Linux is relatively new to me, and some of the learning curve is still waiting for me to travel along and hit the icy patches along it! Any suggestions as to how to fix the syntax error would be muchly appreciated. Thanks.
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