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Default Re: Need some comments on this deal

On a hunch, I thought I'd replace some of my system fans with something better, so I browsed through what Fry's electronics carries in terms of fans, and found these guys:

I replaced the fan that comes with the H60 with one of these, and added a second one to the mix for a push/pull configuration on the radiator. In addition to that, I removed my scyth fan from the front and replaced it with a third fan. The work paid off, as I lost another 10C in system temps, even while the computer is in the closet.

I was impressed enough with the temperature change that I went ahead and bumped the clocks up. So far I am running stable at 4.3Ghz 1.275v at roughly 75C as an absolute worst case scenario. Not an ideal temp, but I'm quite comfortable with it.

I had a little fun while I was at it. Just for ****s and grins I overclocked it to 5ghz at 1.5v and thought I'd see what I could do with that. It managed to pass WEI, but only scored 7.8 (same score its at now) but it's far too unstable to leave with 24/7 (that and it gets way too hot while the door is closed)
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