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Default Re: Crysis 2 DX11 Patch Live

Normally I would not do this but I wanted to test and see if I could get it to run at a solid 60 as much as possible with everything maxed. At native res of 1920x1080 no. However, since I use HDMI out to a receiver that has a fujuda scaling chip for video and dropping to 1600x900 (created a custom res based on 16:9 aspect) for this game is not obvious at all.

I see no added blur from running out of native because my display is still receiving native and the scaling being done by my receiver. Everything maxed with a custom auto exec that maxes out the in game aa. Smooth as butter on a single 580. Consider I am over clocking on my gpu which is at 945mhz so this 580 is screaming fast.

Its this or cap the framerate down to like 45 so that the drops are not as obvious. I prefer framerate over a few jaggies that I am not even seeing. 1600x900 isnt that big of a drop anyway. Also, this is on a 55" screen so it should be very obvious but it is not. As a matter of fact after creating the new res I tried it on other games that run fine maxed in 1080p and the only way I could tell a difference was msi afterburners on screen stat fonts are larger.
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