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Default Re: Best 200$ graphics card?

Originally Posted by Rakeesh View Post
Could be.

Anyways, as for the video card itself, I'd say definitely the Radeon 6850. The 6870 is only slightly better, but costs $30 more. You could easily overclock the 6850 to overcome that difference, and best of all you'll spend less than $160 for it. I am brand agnostic btw, nvidia - ati - doesn't matter, whatever is best bang for your buck, and at that price point, it's definitely the radeon 6850.

If I wanted to upgrade right now, the 6850 is definitely what I would get. I'm waiting til skyrim comes out before I upgrade though.
True, 6850 is another great option. I was just going for the fastest I could fit in his budget.
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