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Originally posted by sphere
Please note that this has next to nothing to do with the forcedeth driver. However, I hope that this can be added to future functionality of the driver, but I'm not sure if I should leave this to the ACPI people or not, bc the driver may have to interface with the ACPI stuff in the kernel.

Also, a Nvidia engineer has confirmed that the nvnet driver, like the MS driver has WOL functionality implemented. Why it doesn't work is unknown to me.
you did tell him the hack you had to do to get it to work right? chances are the code thats in their driver is for 2.4 ACPI from june which is different then the current 2.6 ACPI(even the 2.4 ACPI is changed from then). they havent updated their drivers for linux in a very long time. theres an Nvnet petition to GPL the driver

I won't use the nvnet driver because of the fact it taints the kernel. they released the AGP driver GPL and its even it the kernel source now. I can understand making the video card driver closed source, but I dont agree with the motherboard drivers being closed. the big reason is they dont update them, nor are they improved. the forcedeth driver might not be as good as the nvnet driver, but it will be.
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