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Default Re: Alternative to Live Mail?

I'm not sure what this thread is addressing. Are we talking about the front-end client (ie. Thunderbird, Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Evolution, whatever) or are we talking about the backend, ie. Gmail, Live/Hotmail/MSN, or local ISP mail, etc.?

- There's no such thing as a specific "Gmail client" aside from a web browser. I see Gmail being hawked here, but that doesn't mean anything. Gmail is just a mail service offered by Google. Gmail talks IMAP and POP3, so whatever email client you want to use that supports those (basically anything) or a web browser or your smartphone can access Gmail. When you talk about a review of Gmail or a critique of Gmail you only talk about the service. "Does it work smoothly and quickly?" "does it have a habit of losing my mail?" "do they have decent redundancy?" These are Gmail type concerns. The client isn't a concern since the client has nothing to do with the service.

- MS's service, Live, uses POP3 or their proprietary Deltasync protocol. Deltasync is only supported by the Windows Live Mail app, and the Hotmail Connector for Outlook. They may offer IMAP as a paid service, I can't remember. They used to offer something if you upgraded the account. My personal experience with the Hotmail Connector for Outlook has been less than stellar, so my personal recommendation for anyone who likes their Live/Hotmail and wants to keep it is to use Windows Live Mail, as it's the only really smooth and properly integrated experience.

I'm a longtime Hotmail user, my personal domain is hosted on Hotmail, but I am planning to move to Google next month. I'm doing so because I'd like more flexibility with my mail, calendar and contacts, especially when using other operating systems.
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