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Default Re: Zotac ION (MCP79) HDMI audio works on LCD monitor but not on LCD TV


I obtained old BIOS versions from Zotac but trying each of them didn't solve the lack of HDMI audio.

After noticing something in one of the log files about a missing pulse audio module. I installed pulseaudio-module-x11 and after doing this I have HDMI sound through pulse audio but not directly through alsa using hw:0,3 etc.

Then after starting pulse in verbose mode and capturing the log I discovered that pulse was using front:0 for the sound output, when I did an ALSA test using front:0 HDMI sound through the tv worked!

Now that I've got this far does anyone know if the hw:0,3 output not working for some screens is likely to count as an ALSA bug, NVIDIA driver issue, something else?
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