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Originally Posted by gulizard View Post
Its the card. Still doing this crap. I can turn off my PC and let it set for awhile, power it back up and its fine for a week, then its back to doing it again. I have built a whole new PC. I guess I'll be RMAing this card. Thanks EVGA for telling my old rig was the issue, when it wasn't... I too will not be buying another EVGA card. I miss BFG, and I miss when companies didn't try to rip you off with stupid shipping methods. By the time I get this thing lined out, I'll have almost 100 bucks in shipping cost... this being the second time I'll be sending the card back. I haven't been on my PC much due to a bad wreck, thus the reason in my lack of response about the card.
Is your sig current?

Because if it is, I would bet it's an issue with the 780i and not the card.

The 750i was a bit more stable but, if I remember correctly, that was just a re-branded 6xx series chipset.

I had nothing but problems with nVidia chipsets. Thought I had a bad eVGA 8800GTX for the longest time. Works perfect with my intel chipset.


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