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Default Re: Can't beat 'em, sue 'em

Originally Posted by six_storm View Post
Apple makes some fine hardware, so why not keep doing what you do best? I think the iPhone 4 is the best looking/feeling phone I've ever used. Thin, light and has an awesome screen. Apple knows they make some of the world's best devices so why would they Not limit their OS on their hardware?

I currently have my beef with Android and I honestly think the whole platform is sloppy, not to mention the lack of apps. I've yet to use an Android device that is real smooth, it's always laggy in some form or fashion (laggy keyboard, laggy web browsing, etc). Also I hate that Google and other companies still support such a wide range of versions. Why? Why not standardize across the board? This might not matter to the enthusiast that roots, but what about the average joes? What about the people who just want a phone that works and operates smoothly?

This is the phone that I want to own and honestly, iPhone/iOS is the only phone that fits the bill. I don't want to customize anymore, I don't want to "tinker" and root and jailbreak. I just want my phone to work like it should, quickly and smoothly.

As for the lawsuit, I think Apple can get a little overkill with this kind of stuff. But I'm sure that it won't affect either side that much in the end.
That's fine. I have used both iOS and Android, and honestly iOS feels like it has kid gloves on when dealing with the user. I can't browse my files, I can't install 3rd party software. The devices are run like 1930's Germany. I personally don't want to sacrifice freedom for "smoothness", which is subjective. My Droid X is very smooth and I can actually do what I want to do with the device, instead of what the developer allows me to.

Deal breakers on iOS:
  • All apps MUST come from app store
  • Can't use a different keyboard (swype, swiftkey)
  • Not true multitasking
  • No widgets
  • Changing settings takes 10 menus (e.g. SBSettings is required)
  • No file management on the device (need iTunes)
  • iTunes (super bloat)
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