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Originally Posted by six_storm View Post
Fair enough. I know I've said it a thousand times, but I'm so over doing the "advanced/geeky" stuff on my phone. That to me equal to tinkering, which is something I don't want to do. I want to turn my phone on, have some stability, have it run smoothly and have a wide variety of apps/games. Done. Android doesn't offer this IMO.
Gingerbread has definitely been a step in the right direction. I mean also you have to realize that there are a lot of phones 2+ years old running the latest version of Android. It's natural to expect a slowdown. It's the same with Windows on older machines.

Why is this a problem? Are there really that many apps outside the Android Market you have installed? Besides Swype, Firefox and a few small apps, all of my apps came from the Android Market; and all of those apps I mentioned are no longer installed, therefore I'm running strictly off of Market apps.
Mainly development. In order to develop apps and deploy them on your device on iOS you have to drop $100/year. On Android, you check a box that enables you to install 3rd party programs, then just move the apk file to your SD card and you can test it.

Swype is in Cydia, but I think it's oveerrated. The standard keyboard is fine enough for me. Also, since I'm a fast typer, the iPhone keyboard doesn't lag like the Android keyboard does.
How old is the phone you're using? My Droid X keyboard doesn't lag. Plus I prefer Swiftkey because it has smart prediction. Most of my text messages take minimal key presses as it learns from my previous messages what words to expect.

The multitasking on my iPad works just fine.
Not true multitasking though. It's just app switching.

Android does have a service feature, but it has pro's and con's.

Widgets are overrated too IMO, most of them are just a pretty hyperlink to the actual app itself. Some being Tapatalk, Market, Music, etc. I quit using them since they tend to slow down my phone UI.
Actually I was referring to quick buttons. I can turn on/off WiFi, 3G, Airplane mode, Bluetooth, Screen brightness, Sync features, etc. with one click.

I can see this being a problem and maybe worth jailbreaking. I don't have an iPhone yet so I can't really comment on this.
See above. I use SBSettings on my iPod Touch. Turning WiFi on/off without it is a pain in the ass.

I don't do any real file management on my Android phone, don't see any need in it. On my iPad, all of my files are in Dropbox.
I have Dropbox on my Droid X as well. But I also just drag and drop photos, videos, and music onto my SD card, along with any PDF's I may need and they are at my disposal. Plus I can download files from the Internet and save them to my SD card and transfer them to my PC later.

iTunes is kind of a crappy program. I hated using it in Windows but it's a different scene on a Mac.

My iPad decided to take a dump this morning and I had to restore from a backup. Backups on iTunes are pretty darn painless, just like Android. With iOS 5, it will make it that much better (cuttin the cords).
Backups on Android are even more painless with Bootstrap Recovery.

Originally Posted by six_storm View Post

I just see it this way: Apple obviously limits where their OS can go to certain pieces of hardware, less than 5 different kinds of devices. This way, the OS can be further optimized to that hardware and run even better. Same thing with OS X and it's a pretty darn polished OS.

Android on the other hand is the exact opposite, hence my comment about Android getting sloppy. Too many versions rolling around, no standardization.

I can run Gingerbread on my OG Droid all day but it doesn't run anywhere near as good and stable as Froyo. And trust me, I've done the tests (and the flashing - @zoomy).
I know what you mean, but none of us would be on these forums if we were content with the company telling us what hardware we can and can't use. That's the main reason why I run a hackintosh (although I haven't run it in a while, honestly I got bored with the OS, and there are too many programs on Windows I can't do without and their Mac counterparts are **** lol). And honestly, I believe it's the main reason Apple will never overtake MS.

I'm sorry for such a long post.
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