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Default Re: Can't beat 'em, sue 'em

Originally Posted by six_storm View Post
Apple makes some fine hardware, so why not keep doing what you do best? I think the iPhone 4 is the best looking/feeling phone I've ever used. Thin, light and has an awesome screen. Apple knows they make some of the world's best devices so why would they Not limit their OS on their hardware?

I currently have my beef with Android and I honestly think the whole platform is sloppy, not to mention the lack of apps. I've yet to use an Android device that is real smooth, it's always laggy in some form or fashion (laggy keyboard, laggy web browsing, etc). Also I hate that Google and other companies still support such a wide range of versions. Why? Why not standardize across the board? This might not matter to the enthusiast that roots, but what about the average joes? What about the people who just want a phone that works and operates smoothly?

This is the phone that I want to own and honestly, iPhone/iOS is the only phone that fits the bill. I don't want to customize anymore, I don't want to "tinker" and root and jailbreak. I just want my phone to work like it should, quickly and smoothly.

As for the lawsuit, I think Apple can get a little overkill with this kind of stuff. But I'm sure that it won't affect either side that much in the end.
I should have clarified that I meant on the PC side. Would you rather sell 100,000 iMacs a year, or sell 100,000,000 copies of OSX? If they sold OSX to the general public for any machine, I would be running it now. I do not want to buy a certain mobo, with only certain ram, with Apple approved video card, and a certain brand (or size) hard drive to make a clone.

As for your Android problems...that's why it's a problem, you keep tinkering with it. Mine is stock on my EVO and I never have a problem with it. If it does stutter, it's my fault. If I want to zoom down a list of 100 pictures or so, as fast as my thumb can fling it, WHILE it's still loading, it might stutter, but it catches up instantly. If I let it finish loading it never does that.
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