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Default Re: Can't beat 'em, sue 'em

Originally Posted by Shamrock View Post
I should have clarified that I meant on the PC side. Would you rather sell 100,000 iMacs a year, or sell 100,000,000 copies of OSX? If they sold OSX to the general public for any machine, I would be running it now. I do not want to buy a certain mobo, with only certain ram, with Apple approved video card, and a certain brand (or size) hard drive to make a clone.
I got what you were saying and I agree, they would make a killing on sales. However, it goes back to the "limited hardware/more optimized OS" model that they would have to scrap. I didn't mind one bit paying the so called "Apple tax" for my Macbook Pro (same thing for my wife's MBP) because I got a killer looking machine, amazing keyboard and trackpad and a great OS with great software. I think it's worth every penny to have this and to have OS X optimized to this set of hardware. Works beautifully. Start putting OS X on just any machine/PC and you start running into problems. I tried to run a Hackintosh many times but there was always something broken: sound, wifi, etc. Just not worth it to me. Fortunately some others have been pretty lucky around here with their Hackinstosh. Kudos.

As for your Android problems...that's why it's a problem, you keep tinkering with it. Mine is stock on my EVO and I never have a problem with it. If it does stutter, it's my fault. If I want to zoom down a list of 100 pictures or so, as fast as my thumb can fling it, WHILE it's still loading, it might stutter, but it catches up instantly. If I let it finish loading it never does that.
The only reason I rooted my OG Droid is because when Froyo first came out, it slowed my phone down SO BAD. It basically made my phone a paperweight. I rooted, had some custom ROMs going for a while, but I've recently started noticing that I'm getting sick and tired of flashing ROMs and kernels ALL the time. Once I stuck with a GPA of Froyo, things got more stable for me.

But this goes back to my point: my OG Droid stock with Froyo is a disaster. It should work right out of the box without me having to root it.
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