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Default Re: hardocp explains nvidia's fxaa

I don't think so:

Originally Posted by Guzz
I guess very soon, perhaps already in next driver.
Using the Registry Editor, navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\NVIDIA Corporation\Global\NVTweak, create a DWORD value called EnableSRS1442 and set it to 1.
Then FXAA will be available in the Nvidia Control Panel. But FXAA currently works only in OpenGL.
Link has shot of the FXAA option in Control Panel:

Description of FXAA from Control Panel -- from JackFuste:

Antialiasing - FXAA

FXAA is a fast shader-based post-processing technique that can be applied to any program, including those which do not support other forms of hardware-based antialiasing. FXAA can be used in conjunction with other antialiasing settings to improve overall image quality. Note that enabling this setting globally may affect all programs rendered on the GPU, including video players and the Windows desktop.

Turn FXAA on to improve image quality with a lesser performance impact than other antialiasing settings.

Turn FXAA off if you notice artifacts or dithering around the edges of objects, particularly around text.
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