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Default Re: Eurogamer on Xbox3 and PS4 - What To Expect

Eh... yeah... Avatar graphics... whatever. This has been picked over in another thread along this line. What a load of nonsense. It may have the algorithms to do it, but forget about that stuff in real time games. The processing power and bandwidth for memory just won't be there.

I find it interesting what is said about the capabilities of the next consoles when they are released relative to high end PCs now. I seem to recall the current generation of consoles were roughly equal (and perhaps better in some ways...) in performance to the top of the line PCs available at the time of their release. This article states the next gen consoles will have graphics comparable to DX11 and have abilities similar to current high end PCs with the rub being these consoles won't be out until 2013 at the earliest. Basically, the PC world will be in DX11+ land with new, better hardware in 2012 alone (Win8 is due next year...) with the consoles to make an appearance at least a year later. So the consoles will already be a generation behind PCs when they finally come out?! Wow. Just wow.

Have fun with your little toys, fanbois. PC gaming appears it will still be the best for a while to come.
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