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Default Re: Dell with Quadro 4000, 3D vision Pro on CentOS How to make it all work?

Originally Posted by snash View Post
On Windows you can use the Quadro 4000 without the mini-DIN cable, but on Linux you need
the extra bracket that provides that connector:
Yeah, I found that out the hard way. Even though the chat support from Nvidia said I did not need it, they were wrong. I found one place on the entire web that had it in stock, and once installed, we could use Maestro to see 3D structures. I wish the information on the Nvidia 3D vision(pro) site would make this clear. Having a little number icon that says 'optional' is just not right and it should say on windows its optional but on Linux its Necessary. I blame Nvidia's poor customer support and lack of proper documentation on this issue.
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