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Originally Posted by jcrox View Post
Is your sig current?

Because if it is, I would bet it's an issue with the 780i and not the card.

The 750i was a bit more stable but, if I remember correctly, that was just a re-branded 6xx series chipset.

I had nothing but problems with nVidia chipsets. Thought I had a bad eVGA 8800GTX for the longest time. Works perfect with my intel chipset.
Sig isn't current no longer. I got a sandybridge setup. My 260 GTX ran fine on the old setup though, never had one issue with it, or my 8800 GTX. Its certainly the card, its odd because if I turn the power off to the pc completely, like actually take the cord from the powersupply, press the power button to verify no more power built up, and I leave it for 10 mins I can run a few weeks before the issue starts happening. What happens is my flash videos such as youtube start having lines through them, not real bad, but annoying. Then pretty soon my computer will freeze but the video keeps playing, or at least the sound does as if its all working. Sometimes it'll recover by resetting the display, other times it'll not do anything and I have to press the power button in to shut it down.
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