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Default Re: 560 can't do physx?

I don't know if Eve is cpu only. I though it was up to the driver/card. Didn't know the app could force it.

Power supply is a TX950. I'm really thinking it's these drivers. I had no problem with the card with the first drivers which where for the 560 only. But at some point after a driver or adobe update, I started seeing problems with Hulu getting staticy lines that would go away if you switched between full screen and window and back. Sometimes I have to pause the video and minimize the video, then restore it and it plays fine. It's very random and also happens on TNT's videos. Don't know if they also use adobe.

When the test crashes, it does the same thing I have seen a couple times in Eve with all settings maxed and once in another game. The screen, or windowed as the test program was windowed, goes black a few seconds and then the desktop comes up with a tool bar popup about the video driver stopped responding or the program lost connection to the video driver and the driver recovered. I have read that this driver, though certified is junk causing all kinds of problems, but rolling back is a bit of a pain and I also read a new driver might be out this month.
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