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Default Windows activation rant

I own three completely legitimate copies of Windows 7 (One ultimate, two professionals) and on my desktop (which runs ultimate) I've reformatted my computer too many times, (mainly due to the recent episode of having to swap motherboards out so many times recently) and now the last two times it has just flat out refused to activate online, saying my copy wasn't genuine. This meant I had to activate it over the phone.

Problem is, it doesn't make that option available to you immediately. I had to somehow fool it into letting me activate over the phone. I went through the steps of activating it over the phone, only for in the end, after entering that long string of stupid numbers which takes forever, it tells me that it can't validate my copy of windows and hangs up. So now I have to call back, not press anything for a while, until it asks me if I want to speak to a representative, and then say yes. Then I talk to the Indian, give him my numbers, and then he asks me how many computers I have it installed on. I tell him one. So he says ok and gives me a bunch of numbers blah blah and it's all activated.

This has happened to me twice now, and I have to do it a third time. It's such a manual process that it's too much of a pain in the ass, so I just found and installed a SLIC key loader. It's pretty bad when it's easier to use illegitimate tools to activate (which work every bit as good) than go through the legitimate process.

/end rant.
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