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Default Re: gigabyte releases two windforce cooled gtx 570's

Originally Posted by Vorgus View Post
I also get "display driver has quit responding" with my 560, but it's not overclocked. I'm starting to think it has to do with the current official drivers. Seems like problems started with the last driver update.
Since downclocking the core fixes it, then I seriously doubt it's software related. I honestly think they've really just been pushing the cores of these things for too long because this problem has plagued me for years no matter what card I get, started like back in the 7800 days. I think they just clock them up to X core and test it just a bit and seems good then ship them, but after using it for some time you'll find it's not really 100% stable all the time at that core so you have to downclock it to use it.

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