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Default Re: Star Wars The Old Republic Pre Orders

Originally Posted by ElL33t View Post
I tend to not listen to what people say on video games. I am a lot easier to please than most people as far as video games go, as such I rarely tell my friends what I think of games or listen to what they think of games.
Fair enough, but personally I find most of the time if a game is not really up to par it's reception reflects that. I'd hate to invest the time and money an MMORPG requires and find myself with buyer's remorse, forcing myself to make excuses for the shortcomings and hoping it'll get better with time.

You mentioned that you hadn't played an MMORPG before, so I can tell you that in the current market World of Warcraft is light years ahead of any of the competition, and I just can't see this changing. Every "WoW-killer" that has been released since 2004 has either died off or gone free-to-play. I guess Rift would be an exception to this rule, but it's really just a WoW clone with a few features inspired by other failed MMORPGs. Many of WoW's long-time player base has become disgruntled or bored with the game since the last two expansions, and Rift offers gameplay closer to "classic" WoW.

Old Republic actually makes some drastic changes to the MMORPG formula and comparing it to WoW is frankly ridiculous. It's far more solo-play and story-driven, and it is not clear how its endgame will function (which is by far the most important part of an MMORPG for a long-term subscriber). WoW's endgame consists of either competitive PvP or raiding (or both) and you derive enjoyment from group activities such as completing difficult raid encounters or getting a high ranking in the Arena ladder. Solo play at endgame is crushingly boring and if you don't have a group of friends to play with, you will want to uninstall or create new characters.

I'm not saying the game is doomed to failure, just to approach it cautiously and definitely don't drop $150 on a game that may not make it past its first year.

Originally Posted by Mr. Hunt
My gut tells me it will do alright. Purely because it is Star Wars. I know Galaxies didn't do well, but that had many issues... this one seems to follow the WoW method, so it will do ok, I think.
The name recognition will earn it a strong following at release, no doubt about that. What really matters is whether Bioware can deliver strong content updates and a compelling game experience for not only leveling but endgame as well. Not many MMORPGs have been able to do this. It's no fun to hit max level in a game like this and have nothing to do because the developers spent so much time and effort on extraneous things like fully-voiced NPCs and ingame cutscenes.
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