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Default Re: 560 can't do physx?

Went into windows program uninstall and found 8 entries for nvidia. I know one was for networking and another I think is for other parts of the chipset. But I also found HD audio drivers. Problem is, I Originally installed the Realtek audio drivers. nividia decided to install theirs also. So I removed the nividia audio drivers and it ask for a restart which I did. AS soon as I logged back in, windows promptly comes up with new hardware found and installs the nividia audio drivers. The popup had 5 entries for it. Checked the properties tab and sure enough, 5 entries for nividia HD audio drivers and 1 for Realtek. But it is no longer listed in the uninstall list. So I don't know if I have a audio driver fight. clearly windows won't let me remove the nividia audio drivers. BF 2145 still doesn't run but I haven't ran it since I put the card in.

A friend said he's seen and heard of a lot of problems with the nividia audio drivers and doesn't install them. Seems you have to use custom install to get the option not to install the audio part.

When running the 275 driver install, there is a check box for clean install. Can you use that for rolling back, assuming the 270 driver has that check box?

Drivers listed in add/remove program list:

NVIDIA 3D Vision Controller Driver 275.33 | Installed 7/21/2011 | Size blank | Ver 275.33

NVIDIA 3D Vision Driver 275.33 | Insalled 7/21/2011 | Size blank | Ver 275.33

NVIDIA Drivers (think these are chipset drivers) | Installed 8/27/2010 | size 66.8 MB | Ver

NVIDIA ForceWare Network Access Manager | Installed 11/7/2009 | size 34.2 MB | Ver 1.00.7316

NVIDIA Graphics Driver 275.33 | Installed 7/21/2011 | size blank | Ver 275.33

NVIDIA PhysX System Software 9.10.0514 | Installed 7/21/2011 | size blank | Ver 9.10.0514

NVIDIA Update 1.3.5 | Installed 7/21/2011 | Ver 1.3.5
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